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"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19


“With Me” Discipleship

The truth is, we are all too busy.  I remember when I was a full-time paid staff member at a church.  At that time it was part of my job to disciple others.  The fact that it was a requirement of my job made it more doable for me...

Take Courage Take Heart

Sometimes it feels like I’m just gliding in for a landing; all controls are gone and I’ve tried everything I know how to try. It’s no use, I surrender the flight over to God. There are barns and mountains and tips of trees in the way. But God is...

Taking a Leap: Getting there

I spent the last 9 years as a director of music ministries at a church in Southern California.  We had about 400 worshiping each Sunday with 4 music teams that rotated Sundays.  The cool thing was that the congregation had been fully trained in worshiping freely.  They were fully...

Worship Service




Clean Up Morgan Lake:

We’ll be picking up trash at Morgan Lake.  Enjoy an awesome walk in a beautiful place while being the caregiver God asks us to be.  Campfire and hotdogs for lunch.

Saturday, TBA
Location – Morgan Lake, La Grande

Spring Spruce Project:

We’ll be sprucing up the yard, flower beds and facility at the K House.  Lunch included.

Saturday, TBA
Location – 900 6th Street, La Grande (The K House)

Thanksgiving Dinner Project:

We’ll be gathering the fixings for Thanksgiving dinners and delivering them to local families in need.

Tuesday, November 24th 5:30pm:  Assemble and deliver Thanksgiving dinners to families.
Location – 900 6th Street, La Grande (The K House)

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Christmas Tree Project:

We’ll delivering donated decorations and Christmas trees fresh cut from local mountains to families in need.

Sunday, November 29th 12:00pm:  Cut trees in the local mountains. Location/leaving from – 900 6th Street, La Grande (The K House)

Tuesday, December 1st 6:00pm:  Deliver trees and decorations to local families.  Location/leaving from – 900 6th Street, La Grande (The K House)

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Get Involved in Mission:

Please e-mail us any ideas you have for mission in the Grande Ronde Valley!  We’ll be reaching into the community through mission beginning Fall 2015.

Spend some time letting God’s presence wash over you. Imagine He is saying to you “You are my beloved, in you I am well pleased.” Let His presence and goodness fill you to overflowing. And then…wherever God has placed you, whatever your sphere of influence, let God’s goodness leak out of you and onto other people.


Please pray that God’s Kingdom will come according to His plan and purpose for Word of Life Ministries. Pray also for God to multiply His message through the music He is pouring out here.


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