Who is God asking you to invest in? … through His leading …in His name …for His glory?


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Cool Ways to Disciple “With Me”:

    • Have someone over for dinner (or any other meal)
    • Plant flowers with someone.
    • Invite someone to serve the community with you.
    • Pray for someone.
    • Give an encouraging story that demonstrates God’s hand in your life.
    • Have someone pray with you over another person
    • Invite someone to do any activity that you were already going to do.
    • Welcome someone into your family movie night or game night.
    • Invite someone to a holiday dinner.
    • Take the time to listen to someone and be asking God as you listen if there is a scripture or word to encourage them with.

Live Your Life

Discipleship is leading your normal life as you ask God to show you who He has placed in your workplace, home, friends, at the grocery store or anywhere else you already are and to ask Him to lead you in giving some encouragement and be willing to share the hope that is in you because of God. Who has he placed in your normal world that you could be inviting along on your journey in following Jesus.

Discipleship Happens Organically

Rather than trying to fit discipling into a mold or structure, simply ask “God who can I speak hope into today?”  “Lord, who can I bring along with me as I follow you today?”  “Who can be with me as I invest in them on Your behalf, in Your name?”
The Answers Might Be Closer Than You Think…
Could God be calling you to mainly invest in your children and spouse? Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. It makes sense that if we, being called to disciple, have people who need discipleship living with us every day, then we would intentionally invest in their spirituality through discipling as Jesus showed us in the Gospels. After all, God hand picked our children and placed us in a position to love, influence and invest in them. He has called us to demonstrate and live out the hope that is in us. This hope is witnessed first hand by our children, who walk by faith with us and receive the first hand experience of doing so as an investment in the faith that Jesus is authoring in them.

The Five Capitals – Jesus shows us how to invest in others…

Jesus taught his disciples to invest their time, energy, and money for the Father’s purpose. As we look at Scripture and the life of Jesus, five forms of capital are revealed. Capital refers to the goods or assets we have in our possession that we can invest for God’s purpose.

Here are the Five Capitals to be invested for God’s Kingdom plan and glory. They are listed here from lowest value to highest value.

5. Financial Capital
This is simply the money we have available to invest, measured in dollars and cents, pounds and pennies, etc. We are most familiar with this one, because we work with it every day. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s simply a resource we have available to invest. Jesus talked about money quite a bit, recognizing its place in the world as a form of capital. We can
turn it into an idol, of course, if we are relying on it for significance or security, but when it is in its right place, it is simply a form of capital that allows us to invest in other capitals that are worth more (read on!).

4. Intellectual Capital
This is the creativity and knowledge we have available to invest, measured in concepts and ideas. This is of higher value than financial capital, because you can’t create ideas and creativity simply by spending a lot of money. Jesus possessed an astonishing level of intellectual capital, which he used often in his mission. In the culture of his day, Jesus was recognized by the crowds, his disciples, Read More…

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