“With Me” Discipleship

The truth is, we are all too busy.  I remember when I was a full-time paid staff member at a church.  At that time it was part of my job to disciple others.  The fact that it was a requirement of my job made it more doable for me from a time stand-point.  I just made it a part of my work schedule.  Now I have three kids, a  husband, a business and a ministry…plus all the should be doing’s:  daily yoga, walks outdoors, cooking healthy, reading, writing music, practicing the guitar, practicing the voice, practicing my jazz piano, practicing my classical and good old fashioned leisure.

Fortunately, as it turns out, the best kind of discipleship is the only kind that is now possible for me.  That is “With Me” discipleship.  It’s really simple, whatever you are doing, invite someone else along to join.  Discipleship happens through relationship and relationship/trust becomes and grows only with time spent together.  Whatever it is that you are already doing, ask someone to come along.  Jesus did it with his disciples.  Most of their journey was a “With Me” experience with Jesus.  Jesus was doing ministry and invited all of them to go along with him and you can see from Acts and forward how that formed the disciples and their leadership of the first Christians.

I’m not talking about just inviting someone to Bible Study or Choir Practice or Church or the Christmas Bazaar.  Those are all wonderful things, but I’m talking about everyday life things.  For me that might look like:   grocery shopping, cooking a meal for my family, visiting my mom, planning songs for worship, writing songs, watching a movie, helping my kids with homework, hiking or walking outdoors, Easter day with my family, getting meals together for some local families in need, trick-or-treating, going up to cut Christmas trees, sledding, ice skating, out to look at the Christmas shops, help me save a stranded horse.  It can be anything, but the main thing is, you are inviting people to become a part of your life and it is in those places that real trust happens.  And when in those relationships, you ask God to move through, give opportunities, courage and the right words at the right time, now that is exciting!  Invite a friend with you this week and let hope rise….  (For I am gentle and humble in spirit and you will find rest for your souls.  My yoke is easy and my burden is light.)

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